Prayer of the Sixth Hour


O! holy Mother, do not discontinue your supplication for us. Intercede for us that your only begotten son may have compassion on us. Barekhmor.

O God, the Lord of all, by the prayers and supplications of the prophets who loved You and Your disciples who preached Your gospel, may peace reign among the four quarters of the earth. Men olam...

Lord, both worlds are at Your command. Protect the living by Your cross. By Your grace pardon the sins of all those who have passed away with hope in You. Moryo rahem `a lay noo `adarayn.


Lord, by the prayers of Your Mother and all saints, sanctify us and our departed ones.

Let Virgin Mary's memory be a blessing for us. May her prayers be a fortress for our souls.

Apostles, martyrs, disciples and saints! Pray for us that He may grant us mercy.

Lord, sprinkle the dew of joy on the face of our departed fathers and brothers who have passed away with hope in You.

Lord, by the prayers of Your mother and saints sanctify us and our departed.


(of Mor Severius, Patriarch of Antioch, AD 460-538)1

By the prayers of Your Mother who brought forth you and that of all saints;

I will adore You O King, my Lord, the only begotten son, the word of the heavenly father, who are immortal, who by Your grace came for the life and salvation of all mankind, and did become incarnate of the holy and glorious Virgin Mary, Mother of God, who did become man, being God without change, and who was Crucified for us.

O Christ, our Lord, who by Your death did trample our death and destroy it, who is one among the Holy Trinity and are worshipped and glorified in the unity of Your Father and Your living Holy spirit, have mercy upon us.


Nicene Creed

Concluding Hymn

Praise be to the God on high
Exaltation to His Mother
Crown of glory to the martyrs
Mercy on the de-parted.


1 This prayer is to be said on those days on which participation in the eucharistic liturgy is not mandatory.