Prayer of the Third Hour



Our heavenly Father, answer us who are calling upon You. For we have no other father who can help us. By Your will, You created us from emptiness. Now that we have been created, Your anger may not destroy us. Lord, teach us to abide by Your commandments. By our righteous deeds may You be pleased in us. Lord, by Your grace have mercy on us. Barekhmor.

We repent that we have distanced ourselves from You by our deeds and sins and only of You for name sake. We desire to confess but our false pride do not allow us.

We are eager to teach others but do not learn ourselves. Though we have quenched the thirst of others, we are still thirsty. Give us a drink from the streams that flowed from Your side which was pierced with spear and quench our thirst. Moryo rahem `a lay noo `adarayn.


God, our Lord, we call upon You. Come for our help. Accept our supplications and have mercy on our souls.

Lord, we desire not to be aloof from your communion. Though our sins have driven us out, may your loving-kindness grant us admittance. The sins have deceived us and wounded us without compassion. O! great physician heal our painful wounds.

The evil one has trapped us in the snares that he laid for us. O Lord, break the snares and save us from danger. O! Good Shepherd search for the sheep that has gone astray; do not let its life be in the hand of the evil one who is searching for it.

Christ, our God who has power to send us to heaven or hell, have compassion on us and save us from hell.



1 St. John 19:34. 

2 St. Matthew 18:12, St. John 10:1-16.