Archdiocesan Youth and Young Adults Conference 2014

Archdiocesan Youth and Young Adults Conference 2014
July 17 - 20, 2014

"Old Things have Passed Away, Behold I Make All Things New"
II Cor. 5; Rev 21:1-5
Theme & Registration:
One conference in three nodes! The conference will be held from July 17-20th. The theme is “Old Things have Passed Away, Behold I Make All Things New.” Venues and pricing information is provided at the links below. Please register using the form tailored to the node where you will be attending.

If the node link is not yet active, it will be as soon as the appropriate form is ready.
Programs are being geared toward Youth and Young Adults throughout the Archdiocese. This and programs designed for more spiritual organizations (Women's League, Men's Fellowship, Sunday School, VBS) are planned in the Western Region only.


The Archdiocesan Youth and Young Adults Conference 2014 was born from the desire for our active Youth and Young Adults to gather, pray, and fellowship with one another. From the moment our Archbishop, H.E. Mor Theethose Yeldho, our Archdiocesan Council, and our Youth organs MGSOSA and MGSOYA all agreed in tandem, we have been looking forward to July.

This year we want to enthusiastically tackle two perennial challenges: developing an appealing conference while encouraging fresh turnout. We saw that many regions were already planning to meet in the summer timeframe and that many would have difficulty arrainging travel to the tentative Northeast location.

A common curriculum will be developed and deployed by a common leadership team. Meaningful interaction between centralized “nodes” will knit more people together than ever before. Archdiocesan leaders alongside regional and parish leaders, with the support of the clergy, are working to implement a common strategy Archdiocesan- wide. Nodes are to be connected via video conferencing technology. Thirumeni, for example, could give a presidential address across the entire continent. Top notch speakers and seminars may be experienced on a large scale.

Across the Archdiocese the advantages are numerous. Total costs are much lower per person. Focus may be placed upon bringing in fresh faces. For the first time, meaningful participation is anticipated in the Western area of the Archdiocese. Members from Canada are again excited about joining. The South, Southeast, Midwest and Northeast all express a new level of interest.

Current nodes include New Jersey, Chicago, and Los Angeles. Though Archdiocesan backing will be strong, each node is encouraged to provide local contributions tailored to the tastes and needs of attendees. Members in areas without a node will be encouraged to register at the node of their choice.

Please use PayPal to securely reserve your place via credit or debit card or electronic check. Use the above links. 

Accomodation plans are different in each region, so kindly note the details.

To make this conference a smash hit, we will need the continued support of concerned parents and clergy.
Consider serving as advisors and chaperones!
Ways to Help Out:

  • Spread the word!
  • Contact your parish and regional youth and young adults leaders with ideas for skits, Bible studies, charitable work, ice breakers, etc.
  • Think about how you will reach out to members in diferent areas of the Archdiocese.
  • Plan to be there!
Frequently Asked Questions:
Please check our FAQ page.

Join us in making these plans successful for the glory of God and the betterment of the Church.

Dn. Anish Skariya                                                              Dr. John Kadavil
Secretary                                                                          Secretary
MGSOSA                                                                          MGSOYA
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