Useful Links


·         General Sites

o    Syriac Orthodox Resources

o Oriental Orthodox Churches


·         Archdiocesan/Monastery Sites in North America

o    Syriac Archdiocese of the Eastern USA.

o    Syriac Archdiocese of Western USA

o    Syriac Archdiocese of Canada



·         Syrian Orthodox Church in India

o - SOC Website from Malankara

o - Online News Portal of SOC in Malankara

o - Online Radio of SOC from Malankara

o - Online TV of SOC from Malankara



·         Groups & News

o    SOR Forum

o    Suryoyo Online News (German & English)

o    SOC-Malankara Forum

o    Vishawasasamrakshakan

o - Online News Portal of SOC in Malankara

o    SOCM Forum



·         Syrian (Orthodox) Christian Heritage

o    Saint Ephrem's Hymns on Fasting.

o    Lectionaries Page maintained by Kevin Edgecomb.

o    Susan Harvey, "Sacred Bonding: Mothers and Daughters in Early Syriac Hagiography", Journal of Early Christian Studies 4.1 (1996) 27-56.

o    Syriac NT Studies Page maintained by Steven Ring.

o    Mor Gregorius of Parumala (Parumala Kochu Thirumeni) web site maintained by K.J.Philip.


·         Books, Periodicals, and Music

o    Syriac Music

o    Syrian Orthodox Church Music CD (from



·         Community Sites

o    Suryoyo Online [in German and English]

o    Friends of Tur Abdin [German & English]

o    Aynwert [German]

o    Syriac Help Foundation

o    Tur Abdin Community [Swedish]

o    Turabdin Online [Swedish & English]

o    Suryoyo World [Swedish & English]

o    Suryoyo Chat

o    Qolo, Sveriges Radio, Stockholm. [Web radio broadcasts in Turoyo]

o    Suryoye Postcards



 Syriac Studies (Academic Sites)

·         Beth Mardutho: The Syriac Institute.

·         Hugoye: Journal of Syriac Studies.

·         Universities that offer classes in Syriac, maintained by the University of Minnesota.

·         The Paul van Moorsel Centre for Christian Art and Culture in the Middle East (The institute sponsors a research project, "The formation of a communal identity among West Syrian Christians (451-1300)" and seminars on Syriac Orthodox Christianity.

·         Tell Tuneinir, Syria excavations of a Syrian Christian site in Syriac, maintained by Prof. Michael Fuller and Neathery Fuller.

·         Aram Society for Syro-Mesopotamian Studies The Oriental Institute, Oxford University.

·         The Peshiitta Institute Leiden

·         Old Aramaic Gospel of Matthew (F.C. Burkitt's English Translation, 1904)

·         Journal of Assyrian Academic Studies

·         Bet Aramaye (Japanese site maintained by Atsushi Numata, Univ. of Nagoya)



 Other Oriental Orthodox Churches


·         Ecumenical Sites

o    World Council of Churches

o    The Middle East Council of Churches

o    Pro Oriente

o    Oriental Orthodox Mailing List.

o    Oriental Orthodox Churches Links


·         Coptic Orthodox Church

o    The Coptic Orthodox Church of Egypt

o    British Orthodox Church

o    Coptic Church Review

o    Coptic Orthodox Resources

o    Copt-Net: The Coptic Orthodox Church

o    RemnKemi Coptic Orthodox Page

o    Coptic Calendar of Saints (Synexarion)

o    Coptic Music Web Site

o    The Coptic Orthodox Diocese of Los Angeles

o    Lent Hymns of the Coptic Orthodox Church


·         Armenian Orthodox Church

o    Armenian Church Links

o    The Armenian Web Ring

o    St. James Armenian Church of Los Angeles

o    Kirakos Ganjaketsi's History of the Armenians

o    The Armenian Enlightment Chronicle

o    Armenian Catholicosate of the Great House of Cilicia


·         Ethiopian Orthodox Church

o    The Ethiopian Orthodox Church

o    UNESCO World Heritage Document

o    Dabre Abuna Aaron, the cavern church of Lalibela


 Other Churches of the Syriac Tradition

·         Assyrian Church of the East

o    Holy Apostolic Catholic Assyrian Church of the East

o    East Syrian Christian Monument in Hsi-an, China.

            Links to community sites can be found on Assyria Online.


·         Maronite Church

o    Bkerke: The Maronite Patriarchate Site.

o    North American Maronite Research Institute, with links to other Maronite sites.

o    The Maronite Research Council.

o    The International Maronite Foundation.

o    The National Apostolate of Maronites.



·         Chaldean Catholic Church

o    The Chaldean Diocese of St. Thomas the Apostle in the US

o    The Chaldeans



·         Syrian Catholic & Syro-Malankara Catholic Church

o    The Syriac Catholic Church

o    Our Lady of Deliverance Syriac Catholic Diocese in the U.S. and Canada

o    Syro-Malankara Catholic Mission of North America



·         Malabar Independent Syrian Church (Thozhiyoor)

o    Malabar Independent Syrian Church


Eastern Christian Churches


·         General

o    Alnemat Arabic Christian Internet Magazine

o    Via Dolorosa: English monthly that aims at reviving Christian Arab Culture. For subscriptions, contact

o    Indian Christianity


·         Byzantine Rite

o    Orthodox World Links

o    Melkite Byzantine Church


·         Roman-Catholic Rite

o    Al-Bushra: Arab-American Roman Catholic Community (Latin Patriarchate of Jerusalem)

 Other Sites of Interest to Oriental Orthodox Christians

·         Writings of the Church Fathers

o    Anti-Nicene, Nicene, and Post-Nicene Fathers

o    Early Church Fathers maintained by Roger Pearse (Texts omitted from the Anti-Nicene, Nicene, and Post-Nicene Fathers)

o    Early Church Fathers. (

o    St. Ephrem Library


·         Bible Resources

o    Bible Society: Syriac Texts

o    Article on the Peshitta Bible (Web Site maintained by Glenn Davis)

o    Web sites on Peshitta ·

o    The Holy Bible Web Site (with Coptic Orthodox traditions)

o    Fr. Tadros Malaty's Bible Commentaries

o    Malayalam Bible

          For the Peshitta Syriac Bible, see under Syriac Orthodox above.


·         Christology

o    Christological Controversy



·         Miscellaneous Sites

o    Calculation of the Ecclesiastical Calendar

o    Kingdom of Osroene

o    Inner Light Productions, fine art photographs of Eastern Orthodox and Coptic monasteries

o    The Treatment of the Armenians in the Ottoman Empire, 1915-16

o    The Armenian Genocide (Educational Flash presentation)

o    ANI Website dedicated to the Armenian Genocide

o    Alphonse Mingana's "Syriac Influence on the Style of the Koran"

o    Hope for Family

o    Christmas Rhymes (Arabic & Syriac)

o    Phoenicia