Lectionary for 2017-2018

05-November-2017 Consecration of the Church (qoodosh `idto) (Beginning of liturgical calendar year) St.Matthew 8:27-33
12-November-2017 Hudoth `idto (Renewal of the Church ).First Sunday After the Consecration of the Church(Qoodosh) St.Luke 19:47-20:8
19-November-2017 Suboreb dazkbaryo,Annunciation to Zechariah (Parents' Day) St.Luke 11:45-51
26-November-2017 Suboreb dabthalto(Annunciation to Mary) St.Luke 1:26-38
03-December-2017 Mezalto,Virgin (Mary Visit to Elizabeth) St.Luke 1:39-56
10-December-2017 Mawlodeb-d-yubanon (Birth Of John the Baptist) St.Luke 1:57-80
17-December-2017 Gelyono-d-yauseph (Revelation to St.Joseph) St.Matthew 1:18-25
24-December-2017 Sunday before Christmas St.Matthew 1:1-17
25-December-2017 Christmas St.Matthew 2:1-12
31-December-2017 First Sunday after Christmas St.Luke 2:40-52
01-January-2018 Circumcision of Our Lord St.John 15:8-19
06-January-2018 Epiphany,Baptism of our Lord (denho) St.Luke 3:15-22
07-January-2018 First Sunday After Epiphany St.Matthew 4:12-22
14-January-2018 Second Sunday after Epiphany St.John 1:43-51
21-January-2018 Third Sunday After Epiphany St.John 3:1-12
28-January-2018 Fourth Sunday After Epiphany St.Mark 6:1-6
28-January-2018 Kohne,Departed priests; St.Mathew 24:42-51
04-February-2018 Fifth Sunday After Epiphany St.Mark 1:12-20
04-February-2018 Aneedé,All Departed; St.Luke 2:32-48
11-February-2018 Sunday of the Feast of Cana (qotné ), Great Lent begins St.John 2:1-11
18-February-2018 The Sunday of leper (garbo) St.Luke 5:12-16,4:40-41
25-February-2018 Sunday of The Paralytic(msharyo) St.Mark 2:1-12
04-March-2018 Sunday of the Canaanite woman (kna`nayto) St.Matthew 15:12-31
11-March-2018 Sunday of the hunchback woman (kfofto) St.Luke 13:10-17
18-March-2018 Sunday of the healing of the Blind man (Samyo) St.John 9:1-41
25-March-2018 Palm Sunday (oosha`né) St.John 12:12-19
01-April-2018 Easter(Sunday of resurrection) St.Mark 16:1-8
08-April-2018 New Sunday (hadto) St.John 20:19-31
15-April-2018 First Sunday After New sunday St.John 21:1-14
22-April-2018 Second Sunday After New sunday St.John 4:31-38
29-April-2018 Third Sunday After New sunday St.John 6:47-58
06-May-2018 Fourth Sunday After New sunday St.Luke 9:51-62
13-May-2018 Sunday before Pentecost St.John 6:35-46
20-May-2018 Pentecost(Fiftieth Day after Easter) St.John 15:1-14
27-May-2018 First Sunday after Pentecost St.John 6:26-35
03-June-2018 Second Sunday after Pentecost St.Matthew 10:34-11:1
10-June-2018 Third Sunday after Pentecost St.John 6:35-46
17-June-2018 Fourth Sunday after Pentecost St.Matthew 14:14-23
24-June-2018 Fifth Sunday after Pentecost St.Luke 9:10-17
01-July-2018 Sixth Sunday after Pentecost St.Matthew 15:32-39
08-July-2018 Seventh Sunday after Pentecost St.Mark 3:20-30
15-July-2018 Eighth Sunday after Pentecost St.Mark 8:1-10
22-July-2018 Ninth Sunday after Pentecost St.Luke 9:27-36
29-July-2018 Tenth Sunday after Pentecost St.Matthew 18:1-14
05-August-2018 Eleventh Sunday after Pentecost St Mark 6:7-13
06-August-2018 Transfiguration St.Luke 9:27-36
12-August-2018 First Sunday after the Transfiguration St.Matthew 21:28-32
15-August-2018 Assumption of St.Mary St.John 19:25-27
19-August-2018 First Sunday after the assumption of St.Mary St.Mark 10:35-45
26-August-2018 Second Sunday after the assumption of St.Mary St.Luke 11:9-20
02-September-2018 Third Sunday after the assumption of St.Mary St.Matthew 17:22-27
09-September-2018 Fourth Sunday after the assumption of St.Mary St.Mark 6:1-6
14-September-2018 Sleebo, festival of the Holy Cross St.Luke 21:5-28
16-September-2018 First Sunday After the Festival of Holy Cross St.Mark 13:30-37
23-September-2018 Second Sunday After the Festival of Holy Cross St.Matthew 16:5-12
30-September-2018 Third Sunday After the Festival of Holy Cross St.Mark 2:23-28
07-October-2018 Fourth Sunday After the Festival of Holy Cross St.Luke 16:13-18
14-October-2018 Fifth Sunday After the Festival of Holy Cross St.Matthew 23:1-12
21-October-2018 Sixth Sunday After the Festival of Holy Cross St.Luke 18:18-27
28-October-2018 Seventh Sunday After the Festival of Holy Cross St.Matthew 5:21-26